Video Storytelling Project with Alex Breckenridge and Miles Englehart

8 Dec

For this assignment, Alex, Miles and myself teamed up and did our video project on the Student Activities Council annual “Thanksgiving Dinner”.  The event is a free Thanksgiving dinner that’s offered to students and members of the community.  Alex, Miles and I interviewed members of the SAC staff, as well as Lead Student Programmer Maddy Graham.  For our B-roll we filmed people getting in line and enjoying the food.  All of this was captured using the video camera option on our mobile devices.

I really enjoyed filming and interviewing our sources.  I think it’s nice to get different perspectives on events and that helps you appreciate the event even more.  At first I was having fits uploading our content onto iMovie, this is mostly because the iPhone and the Galaxy Phones can only upload so much video content all at once.  Thankfully, I saved my content into my Dropbox and I was able to download the content rather easily.  After downloading the content I was a bit rusty with iMovie which got us really frustrated however, after toying with it for a few minutes it all came back to me and I was having fun messing around with the project and making something cool with it.

The one thing I wished I did differently was that I wished I used better filming equipment, however with no money and no way to get excellent filming equipment, you have to stick with what you got.  Speaking of which, had I known that if you filmed vertically with the mobile phone instead of horizontally then my content would not have came out sideways.  Some great footage was lost and could not be saved because of the orientation in which we filmed.  Lesson learned I guess.

Using video in the future can be great if I wanted to film a recruiting video for Sheridan College, seeing how they just recently hired me as their new Admissions Counselor.  It’s just an idea, but if it ever happens I’ll make sure they hook me up with a good camera instead of the iPhone 4.

Here’s the video, enjoy!


Live Tweet Project: UW Cowgirl Basketball vs. #11 Colorado Buffs

5 Dec

For this assignment we had to live tweet an event that was happening in our area.  Personally, I really wanted to live tweet the much anticipated debate between Stephen Easton and (then) UW President Bob Sternberg.  However, in a turn of events that never happened.  So I settled with the next best thing, a live tweet of a sports event.  I decided to live tweet UW Cowgirls Basketball and their game against #11 Colorado.  Basically I used my iPhone’s Twitter and gave up to date information on what was happening during the game.  It got really exciting and frustrating at times because the Cowgirls would be winning and then they would be down by 10.  By the end, they nearly came back and won the game but lost by 4. 

I learned that you have choose what information is important to tweet.  I usually would tweet score updates during the timeouts.  But I knew I had to mix it up, such as how the crowd was feeling when we were down, or what the energy was like when they tied it up with a minute left.  The hardest part, had to be finding quotes.  I was lucky enough to hear the radio broadcast later, (which is broadcasted throughout the Arena Auditorium)  and I heard UW head coach Joe Legerski, say a really interesting quote, so I tweeted it.  But I had not heard that broadcast, then I would of had nothing.

Overall, this expierence was really awesome to do! I kinda felt like any sports reporter on Twitter who keeps up to date information.  Afterwards I actually compared my tweets to Casper Star-Tribune UW Sports Writer Mike Vorel’s Twitter.  Vorel’s twitter feed during the game was very concisely written, like you could tell he wasn’t rushing like I was.  I thought it was important to tweet minute by minute, Vorel waited for the highlighted moments and kept his audience on edge. 


SoundSlides Project with Miles Englehart

7 Nov

Our assignment was to make a visual-audio slideshow using the program SoundSlides.  My partner Miles Englehart and I decided to do our project on some buildings of the UW campus.  The two we decided to go with was the Rochelle Gateway Center (that’s currently being built)  and the War Memorial Fieldhouse.  We decide to go with these buildings because we wanted to do one building that shows the current changes UW is going through (Rochelle Center) and one building that has gone through many changes yet still stands to this day (War Memorial Field house).  Both Miles and I, went out and took photos of our respective buildings.  We also interviewed Brett Kahler, ASUW President,  who had vast knowledge about the Gateway Center.  As well as Kevin McKinney, who is the Senior Associate Athletic Director for the Wyoming Athletic Department, Kevin has been with the University for over 50 years and had great insight about the Field house. 

Working with Miles was great! We both understood what the other wanted to do, plus we gave each other good ideas on how to make the project better.  It was a great experience and I would love to work with Miles again.  

My experience with SoundSlides was not the best to be completely honest.  I thought it was pretty simple for the most part, but I didn’t like the fact that I had to edit my audio before inserting it into the slides.  I felt as thought Garage Band would of been an easier program to use because then I could edit my audio with my slides, and they would of been more in sync than with SoundSlides.

The biggest problem was trying to have my photos sync with the audio while still following the one slide per 7-9 second rule.  That was a definite challenge, but in the end I thought it worked out.

The biggest change I would make to this project is using Garage Band.  I think it’s much easier to edit the audio with it and also from my experience using it in the past, it’s much easier to sync photos with the audio. SoundSlides was great up until the point that I had to edit my audio before inserting it with my photos.  It’s almost as if I had to guess what my cues for the photos will be.  For that reason SoundSlides is a thumbs down for me.


Why I hate asking girls out on dates (applying for jobs)

4 Nov

This is going to be the one blog post I leave on here, that isn’t class related.

So I’m a 23 year old soon-to-be college graduate, which means it’s time to start applying for real world jobs. When it comes to the experience of applying for jobs it’s very similar to the experience of me trying to ask girls out on a date while in college.

This how that process would work.

You show interest, you make a move (applying), then they take forever just to say they’ll go to dinner with you (interview). You start to think “Oh no! I knew I should of said this instead of that (Using this power word in your cover letter instead of that!)” Finally, you get a call, “Hey, do you want to meet up for dinner on Wednesday (Would you like to come in for an interview at lunch on Wednesday) You of course say “YES!” but in a cool and collective way, to make them think that their might be other suitors (jobs) you’re into.  So then you’re at dinner (the interview) and things are going great! Your charming and confident, she’s smiling, laughing and clearly is enjoying getting to know you. But by the time that’s over you find out you’re not her (the job’s) type because she (the job) saw 5 other guys (candidates) before seeing you. Of course she (the job) has to call you, instead of telling you to your face that she is seeing someone else.  But she’ll of course say that you’re a wonderful person (candidate) but, right now it just won’t work but you can try again in a few years (ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!) So now, that your dream girl (job) just crushed your dreams, you have to go on Craigslist just to see who’s out there.  Unfortunately no one wants “Committed” (full-time) work, they just want a “Casual Encounter” (Part-Time) so you downgrade and start seeing (working) McDonalds.

The moral of that story is you better get your Dream Girl (Job) otherwise you’ll be stuck making McNuggets for the guy who’s seeing (working) your Dream Girl (job).

Final Edit: An Interview with Alex Breckenridge

24 Oct

I’ll admit, editing 5 1/2 mins of audio and cutting it down to 2 minutes was very tricky.  First, I had to choose which audio to cut.  The first being all the pauses or noise I made.  That still didn’t make a dent in it.  So I had to cut audio that I found useless to the project.  Eventually, I cut out over 3 minutes and 45 seconds of audio.  Let’s just say this project was tiring, long and drawn out.  I can’t tell you how excited I was to finish this project.

I learned that using Audacity was very difficult.  So I used Garageband on my Mac to edit my clip.  This program was something I was more familiar with and was a lot easier to use than Audacity.

I enjoyed the interview process as a whole.  That’s always fun to learn something new about someone who you may or may not know.  Alex provided me with great material that helped make this project a great time.  The thing I did not enjoy the most was obviously the editing process.  It was a very long drawn out process. But I understand that’s part of the job and everyone has to do it.

I was definitely surprised how not user friendly, Audacity was.  Even after looking at the tips Dr. Landreville gave us, I’m still stumped with the program. Like I said before Garageband was much easier to pick out which audio needed to be clipped or where I can insert this type of audio during some time of the clip.

The one thing I would of like to do differently was ask questions that flow along with one another, that help make the editing process much easier. However, I’m happy with the way I did the interview, as I am sure it was as much a learning experience for Alex as it was for me.

Final edit with Alex Breckenridge:

Raw 5-Minute Interview with Alex Breckenridge

22 Oct

This project asked us to interview one of our classmates and in turn that classmate would interview us.  The only thing was that it had to be 5 minutes long with a 30 second over/under time.   Also this interview can only be done using digital recorders.

Alex Breckenridge and I teamed up for this assignment.  Right away, Alex wanted to talk about his experiences when he studied abroad in Costa Rica.  I’ver never had a problem using digital recorders for interviews before.  Generally, I use them a lot for accuracy purposes, but never have I had to publish my recordings.  The difference being that I say a lot of “mhmm’s” or “Really?!” when I interview someone on the recorder.  So it was kind of difficult to not say anything while Alex was talking.  I had to basically cover my mouth and just nod whenever I agreed with him.

When Alex was interviewing me, it felt totally comfortable and to be honest, I just talked to Alex instead of the recorder because I knew whatever I would say the recorder would pick up.  Overall, a great experience and I’m glad Alex provided me with great material.

I learned that Alex is very passionate about Costa Rica as he did spend a semester over there.  I think you can tell in his voice that he was super excited to talk and share his stories from there.  Including how he played with the local soccer team and how different the style of play was there compared to in the US.

I enjoyed everything from this assignment, the only thing I did not enjoy was to stay quiet the entire interview.  It’s hard for me not to voice out something!

In terms of doing it all over again, I probably wouldn’t.  Alex and I picked a real nice quiet room in the Classroom building that had no external noise (i.e. a computer fan), however at the very beginning of the clip you hear a scratching noise.  I take it, that it was from me moving something, so next time I have to be totally still. But overall the room was definitely the perfect place to conduct an audio interview.  Overall, the project went very smoothly.  Now comes the nerve-racking part of editing the clip!

Interview with Alex Breckenridge:

Taking Photos of Strangers Without Them Knowing

8 Oct

For this week, we were tasked of taking 5 photos with a person in it.  This task was really difficult for me, as I don’t have a professional camera to use and I had to use my iPhone.  SPOILER: For those who don’t know taking photos of strangers with an iPhone is 1) Totally obvious 2) The strangers you’re taking pictures of will notice and shoot you weird looks and might yell “WHY ARE YOU STALKING ME!?”

These are the photos from that adventure.


Two University of Wyoming Students ponder what shot to take during Billiards Club at the Billiard Hall in the Wyoming Union

The Color of Money:  Two University of Wyoming Students ponder what shot to take during Billiards Club at the Billiard Hall in the Wyoming Union

This photo was taken during Billiards Club which happens every Monday Night in the Billiards Hall in the Union.  These two students were playing against each other and  were really taking a lot of time between shots.  Mostly thinking one step ahead.  It was interesting to watch and I wanted to capture that moment without having it be awkward.  In terms of creative device I guess you can say I used “Rule of thirds” as the pool table is in the bottom third and draws a majority of the focus.


A group of UW students are seen studying hard (or as it appears) in the Union.

Study Time–A group of UW students are seen studying hard (or as it appears) in the Union.

This photo was taken while I was working at the info desk at the Union.  Usually when working in the Union, I see mostly individuals or partners studying.  If I was looking for groups, then I would go to the Library.   I didn’t want to be a creep and take a candid, random photo of this group studying (not to mention disrupt them).  So I stood at the desk and zoomed in and caught the moment.  If I had a professional camera with a big lense then I could of caught the photo and use better creative devices.  Speaking of devices, my device for this photo, I used leading.  The table in the bottom right of the photo is the main focus then you have the main table with the group dead center.  Letting the viewer know that this can be a place for studying.


A firefighter leaves his truck to investigate an incident at the Geology Building.

Fire (False Alarm)–A firefighter leaves his truck to investigate an incident at the Geology Building.

This photo was taken when I was walking to the Union tonight.  Apparently a fire alarm went off in the Geology building as the sidewalks were engulfed with two large fire engines and a couple of police vehicles.  This shot ended up really cool because it was taken at night and all of the flashing lights plus movement gave the photo a really cool look.  Again if it wasn’t for an iPhone, the quality and photo could be much better.  For creative device I used Viewpoint.  As my phone gives a totally different view compared to what really was happening.


Jazzy Sax--A UW Student performs during the Jazz Jam Session at the Wyoming Union on Monday Night.

Jazzy Sax–A UW Student performs during the Jazz Jam Session at the Wyoming Union on Monday Night.

This photo was taken again while working at the info desk.  Jazz musicians will perform a Jazz Jam Session every Monday night in the Union.  This fellow was performing his solo during one of the songs and I wanted to capture the moment.  The thing that irked me was that when I wanted to get a good shot from a different angle, he kept looking at the camera.  Which I did not want.  The only way to do that was by going around.  This is just a good example of letting nerves get the best of you and not being out going enough to take a good shot regardless if he was looking into the camera or not.


Good Eats--Ben Lee eats a delicious plate of stir fry with a nice glass of apple juice.

Good Eats–Ben Lee eats a delicious plate of stir fry with a nice glass of apple juice.

I was visiting my brother over dinner at his place and his roommate Ben is someone who I haven’t got to know.  Thankfully he was cool with me taking this shot.  Basically, I put my phone on the table and got a nice close up of the plate of stir fry and glass of apple juice.  If I had to do it again, I would probably raise the angle and capture his face.  In terms of devices this is definitely rules of thirds as I caught the glass on the right, plate and food in the middle and Ben dead center.

This assignment taught me that I need to be more outgoing when taking photos.  Maybe if I had a professional camera I would feel more confident taking pictures of strangers than with an iPhone.  Because with a Camera people know you’re taking photos.  With an iPhone people don’t know if you’re taking a picture, taking a snap chat, video, tweet, etc. The possibilities are endless and that’s why people act up.  So next time I’m going to go with the professional camera and end up with better results.